Company and Offices Removals

Removals of companies are the most complicated branch of our industry. When providing services to companies, we focus primarily on the timely completion of the removals, while maintaining the highest standards of our service. We have facilities and skills, which allow us to cope with the most logistically complicated removals of large enterprises and small companies. From the meeting with the client, through planning to implementation. We do our work on time and under the expectations of the most demanding clients.

W Our offer includes removals:

– small offices

– archives

– laboratories

– IT equipment

– large enterprises.


Our work system for company removals:

1.       Meeting and planning

Meeting with the client to draw up a relocation plan that includes:

  • Inventory of property to be relocated
  • Getting to know the type of the buildings at the point of moving site and destination of removal
  • Setting up the start and end date of the service
  • Getting to know the plan of the new office
  • ecognition of individual customer requirements

2.       Strategy – determined in consultation with the client’s representative, based on a previously prepared plan

3.       Responsibility – we take responsibility for the timely and professional performance of the service

  • Additional staff and moving trucks in the event of unplanned delays
  • Protection of passageways, elevators, floors in office buildings
  • Insurance of the client’s property for the time of relocation