International removals

Removals to and from Sweden and Germany are the destinations in which we specialize the most in international services.

Preparing an international removal, the most important aspect, apart from detailed planning, is the proper securing of property for transport and careful arrangement of things on the transportation van. The distances travelled by our vans in international transport are thousands of kilometres, and thus, much greater risk of damage. We know it very well and that is why we carefully pack your property and carefully secure all items prepared for transport.

We work with many companies from the transport industry, thanks to which we can offer very attractive prices while maintaining a high level of service.

Steps during international removals:

1.       Scheduling

2.       Make a list of properties to be moved

3.       Packing delicate items according to the requirements of international transport (lamps, RTV equipment, mirrors, paintings, glass, etc.)

4.       Securing furniture

5.       Loading and securing property on the van

6.       Transport to the destination of removal

7.       Unloading and arranging items according to the customer’s wishes


 We offer two options for international removals:

1.       Dedicated removals (Door to door)

It is a comprehensive service with the use of a removals truck for one customer only. A loaded truck goes straight to the customer’s destination address and is used only for his move.

2.       Sharing Space removals:

Introduced for customers who need to transport a small number of items (cartons, individual pieces of furniture, etc.) with readiness for collection within a few days after loading.

This option allows you to minimize transport costs by dividing the loading part of the van and at the same time costs, between several customers.