Piano transportation Gdansk Gdynia

Transport of pianos is a specialized service in our offer. Loading, transporting and unloading items of such large dimensions is practically impossible for the owners.

Knowledge and experience in the transport of pianos allow our company to safely and without major problems transport the piano to a designated place. Over the years of our business activity, we have had the opportunity to transport pianos many times, especially in the Tri-City (Gdańsk, Sopot, Gdynia).

When transporting pianos, it is extremely important to properly secure the instrument with the use of specialized materials (foils, tapes, cardboards). We guarantee the professional implementation of the service within the scheduled period.

Transporting a piano is hard work, in which professional equipment is necessary, such as trolleys for transporting oversized loads. A well-coordinated and experienced team is also extremely important, as it will properly secure the transported piano during loading and unloading, and will coordinate the transport work.

The Sixpak team has many years of experience in the transport of oversized loads not only in the Tri-City, Poland but also internationally. We were taking furniture to the high floors of office buildings, unloading equipment at the gym, moving the office for Poczta Polska SA and many more. On our Facebook page, you will find photos of international removals we had a chance to do.

Before ordering the piano’s transport, please prepare the basic information:

  • dimensions of the piano
  • piano model (it will also allow us to verify the weight)
  • a photo of the piano will also be valuable information.

The above information will allow us to fully prepare for transport, which works to your advantage, because we will carry out the transport efficiently, safely and without risk.

The property we transport is always insured, so in the event of unforeseen accidents, you will get your money back for any damages. However, our approach, careful packaging and specialized equipment in 99% of cases guarantee transport without damage.

For a free piano transport quote, please contact us by phone or e-mail. Feel free to contact us!